Why Houses Sell Faster with Energy Efficient Upgrades and Green Home Features

You have done everything that you thought need to be done to sell your home. However, after putting it into the market, you are disappointed to find out that it is no selling as fast as you though it would. This is something that many homeowners who want to sell their homes go through. This happens because the real estate investing market is extremely competitive, especially since we are currently in a “post housing bubble” economy. There are thousands of homes that are placed in the market every year. To have a competitive edge over the other homes listed on the market, your home has to stand out. If it is painting, all other houses in the market have been painted. Their exteriors have also been beautified. To be able to stand out, you need to do something that most other homeowners have failed to do.


You can make your house and out from the others by doing energy efficient upgrades. This is because many house buyers today are looking for houses that will help them save on energy costs. Generally speaking, energy efficient homes sell very fast. They sell 8% faster than homes that are not energy efficient. This further proves that energy efficient homes are preferred by people looking for house to buy.

Adding green home features to your home will do more than make your home sell much sooner than you would expect.  As a real life example, we live in New Jersey, and last year we upgraded our windows, water heater, and all of our appliances to energy efficient models.  We then put our house on the market and we honestly believe that they helped sell my house in New Jersey.  There are so many other ways that you are going to benefit when you make your home more energy efficient. The top benefits include;

1. You will be able to sell your home at a higher price

You will have to part with some money to make your home energy efficient. However, the amount of money that you are going to part with is nothing compared to how much your house will increase in value. The value of your house will increase significantly when you invest in green home features. Therefore, if you have been looking for a way to improve the value of your home, one of the things that you should do is make it more energy efficient.

2. It makes the home more comfortable

When you install features that will make your house more energy efficient, you will make it more comfortable as you prepare to put it in the market. You will enjoy living in it before you finally sell it. The potential buyers will also be encouraged to buy it when they experience how comfortable it is when they come for inspection.

3. Helps to reduce the amount of money used to pay for energy

The energy bills will be reduced significantly when you install green home features. This will help you reduce the amount of money that you spend on energy as you are planning on selling it. You will notice a big reduction in your energy bills instantly when you install green features in your home.

As more and more people are becoming conscious of the need to protect the environment, the demand for energy efficient homes will no doubt increase. Therefore, if you want to find someone who will buy your home fast, make sure that you make it energy efficient first.

Why you must get an Inspection Prior to Listing Your Houston or Philly Home For Sale

Why you must get an Inspection Prior to Listing Your Houston or Philly Home For Sale


Perfection is the goal we want to attain in so many things as much as possible. Yes, although it is a very common notion that nobody is perfect, we still want things to be perfect at least even at how it go well with how we planned it. We want it to be like this and that and we hope it will not be as terrible as that thing that happened to someone you know. We aim at perfection in all the things we do, if not all at least most of us. Aiming perfection is different from actually attaining it so it will be safe to say there are so many of us who want things to be perfect, not only on big things but as well as little things. We plan and we try to follow our plan and meet our expectations even in little things such as our small purchases, and most especially our big purchases such as buying a house or a car or investing your savings in business.

In the world of business word customers expect smooth and convenient transaction. We as customers get upset at so little things that is not within what was promised because we expect at all times that we are receiving the entire value of what we buy, when we buy houses in houston Tx or when we buy houses in Philladelphia we want perfection in all transaction with our hard earned money. Although perfect products can be difficult to have because of the different factors that can supervene the process of the products, perfect deals are more possible. Not easy to have but easier compared to products. In the real estate world, a lot of investors try to give the perfect deal to the market. People usually are out and in search for the perfect deal so the demand for perfection in every purchase is stricter in the sense that it involves a bigger value. Being a seller you need to make sure that you are prepared to give the best deal in the market to potential buyers. Remember that even the rich people want to get a good deal of their money. It is basic human instinct to what to get the value of what they pay for, if not more then definitely not lesser that what they paid for. This perfection and meeting of expectations can be well managed when you go through house inspection before you sell it or you list it. It is very important to have your house go through inspection first because of the following reasons:

1. The best feature of your house will be showcased.

Yes. After the process you will be able to know the real condition of the house. There are things that our bare eyes cannot see and with inspection we will then know how much repairs it need. By knowing the condition of your house you are given the chance to have the house repaired and to perfect the house’s every detail. After the repair, the house will be at its best state and the littlest detail of your house can be shown and be improved and in turn you can highlight these without having to worry about some faults potential buyers may see. After inspection you will know the true value of your house that will lead you to offer the best deal. This will prevent you from offering your house at an overpriced value.

2. It gives potential buyer an impression that you are a good seller

When you have your Houston or Philladelphia house inspected, potential buyers will get a good impression that you are one who does not only want to sell a house but a home. They will appreciate the care that you give to next owner of your house. You will give them the impression that you are not only there to sell the house but to actually turn over a house you once lived to the next owners. This may be a little thing but this will give you an edge over the other sellers. Potential buyers are not just in search for a building but they are in search for a house they will call a home and will live for a long time. They want to be sure in all the purchase process that they do and they need to trust you. Yes, a good seller is what potential customers buy the house from. When you get the trust of the potential buyers it will be easier to sell the house to them because they will not be wondering what the catch behind all those good features that compose your deal is. Having your home inspected is the kind of act that signals the buyer you are a good seller. Of course after learning of the present condition of your house and if you decide to just let the next owner repair the house, it will be now easier for you to tell the buyers this is what you want done and they will not be discouraged as to the status of your house because you have already gained their trust and the impression that you want what is best for them and that you know better than them in terms of the condition of the house they will be buying. It is important that you disclose to your buyers the kind of repairs needed if you should not have your house renovated or fixed. By doing this will show your buyer that you are honest, trustworthy and they will have a peace of mind and it will be easy to deal with them towards the perfect deal that is a win win.

3. Protection against later claims.

When you learned of possible repairs needed then you can have your trusted provider or handyman to work on it but if you will decided to sell it as is and have the buyers deal with the repairs then you will be able to inform your sellers of the possible need of repairs. They will not be surprised with possible defects because you inform them already. After you have had the house inspected, once the sale is closed, you can be sure that the probability of after sales claims is lower or none at all. That is because you are sure that things were fully disclosed and prior to selling the house the buyer knows all that he needs to know so he cannot just come back after few weeks or months saying he did not know.
Well its still possible to get the perfect deal without having to have the house inspected but it is always better to prevent the worst possible things that can happen

Why We Only Buy Green Houses

Why We Only Buy Green Houses


The Philadelphia Green Real Estate Market is very similar to the San Antonio Green real estate market in that home buyers look for some of the same features in sustainable green homes that they want to live in for many years.  In an interview with a local investment home buying company in the San Antonio real estate market says that “green homes are far more desirable and have a much lower days on market than their counterparts”.  Why?  Because in San Antonio, many soon to be home owners  plan to live in their homes for many many years.


It’s what Buyers are Looking for

Buyers that plan to one day Resell, not Retire in the home that they are looking to purchase, are looking for different features and benefits in a home that those who wish to live in their next home for 20, 30 or even 40 years.  So, as a contractor, home owner, investor or the like, wouldn’t it be a good idea to at least make an attempt to cater to that niche of home buyers while remodeling or fixing up a house?  It makes perfect sense, because the work has to be done anyway; May as well just put a little more energy, time and money to make it just a little greener.

Home Buyers that are looking for a home with green features is specifically searching for certain features in a home, they may not need the house to be 100% energy efficient, BUT as long as it has the green features that they are looking for, that’s all that matters.

In an in depth discussion that we had in our last trip to the San Antonio TX, we interviewed several real estate investors and we probed them as to what they look for when deciding on weather or not to make an investment in a green house.  “When we buy houses San Antonio TX, we try not to be narrow minded in evaluating each property, so we don’t only look at a home to see if it has each and every green feature that we want.  However, if we should run across a house that does have energy efficient features added to it, then the deal can look just that much more appealing to us.”

That interview was a good example of how most potential green home buyers feel as they search for a house to live in, no matter if that house is located in Philadelphia, San Antonio, TX or Austin, it really does not matter, so long as at least those energy saving features are present.