Why We Only Buy Green Houses


The Philadelphia Green Real Estate Market is very similar to the San Antonio Green real estate market in that home buyers look for some of the same features in sustainable green homes that they want to live in for many years.  In an interview with a local investment home buying company in the San Antonio real estate market says that “green homes are far more desirable and have a much lower days on market than their counterparts”.  Why?  Because in San Antonio, many soon to be home owners  plan to live in their homes for many many years.


It’s what Buyers are Looking for

Buyers that plan to one day Resell, not Retire in the home that they are looking to purchase, are looking for different features and benefits in a home that those who wish to live in their next home for 20, 30 or even 40 years.  So, as a contractor, home owner, investor or the like, wouldn’t it be a good idea to at least make an attempt to cater to that niche of home buyers while remodeling or fixing up a house?  It makes perfect sense, because the work has to be done anyway; May as well just put a little more energy, time and money to make it just a little greener.

Home Buyers that are looking for a home with green features is specifically searching for certain features in a home, they may not need the house to be 100% energy efficient, BUT as long as it has the green features that they are looking for, that’s all that matters.

In an in depth discussion that we had in our last trip to the San Antonio TX, we interviewed several real estate investors and we probed them as to what they look for when deciding on weather or not to make an investment in a green house.  “When we buy houses San Antonio TX, we try not to be narrow minded in evaluating each property, so we don’t only look at a home to see if it has each and every green feature that we want.  However, if we should run across a house that does have energy efficient features added to it, then the deal can look just that much more appealing to us.”

That interview was a good example of how most potential green home buyers feel as they search for a house to live in, no matter if that house is located in Philadelphia, San Antonio, TX or Austin, it really does not matter, so long as at least those energy saving features are present.